Mois de la Photo à Paris 2012

French and francophone photography from 1955 to the present.

Commissaire : Leonor Nurisdany

Scarlett Coten - Espace Dupon

Amaury da Cunha - Espace Lhomond

Roberto Battistini - Galerie Blumann

Louis Stettner - Galerie David Guiraud

Nicolas Descottes - Galerie Pierre Brullé

Richard Dumas - Galerie Vu'

Jean-Baptiste Huynh - Musée du Louvre

Denis Rouvre - La Pinacothèque de Paris

Françoise Huguier - Académie des Beaux Arts

Jean-Pierre Leloir - Le Bar Floréal

"Hommage à Jérôme Brézillon" - Galerie Sit Down

Guillaume Herbaut - Le Pavillon Carré de Baudoin

"Body language - oeuvres du Fotomuseum Winterthu" - Centre culturel suisse

Gérard Rondeau - ENSAP - Val de Seine

This is a broad but well-defined subject that is sufficiently open-ended to avoid compartmentalisation and, more importantly, provides a particular angle of approach to the art of photography. Can photographers share a common language even if they do not share the same culture or the same history? Can we speak of specifically French or francophone photography today, as we could in the past?

In addition, the emergence of new technology (Internet for example) has redefined modes of communication and revolutionised access_to knowledge. This technology has profoundly transformed the way_we relate to time and images, but it would be simplistic to think that globalisation has somehow erased cultural identity or specific complex and varied cultural traits.

Beyond French and francophone particularity, the question arises_of other links such as those involving language and culture. Whether_via books, magazines or new media, the key question is dissemination of, or by means of, documentary or artistic photographic images. There are exhibitions by photographers whose approach involves reportage and documentary work, sometimes underlain with narrative and subjective elements or, in sharp contrast, tending towards sociological critique_or analysis. Subjects might either be dealt with in the purest tradition_of reportage, or clearly occupy the field of art.

Other artists follow different paths, creating areas of friction and opening the way to other realities. They share their artistic compass with literature and film, to which many French artists refer in their work.

The exhibition “Une réalité peut en cacher une autre” (One Reality_Can Hide Another) takes a different approach, focusing in particular on young artists by asking art school students in France to produce works and architectural designs specifically for the Web. This “other” reality, rather than a “virtual” reality, provides access to some highly original photographic experiments.

More than just offering a snapshot of contemporary art photography, this Month of Photography provides an opportunity to explore different fields and discover a whole range of different possibilities.

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