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Mois de la photo à Paris par Vik Muniz

Paris collectionne

Since its creation in 1980, the Month of Photography has helped make Paris one of the world capitals of photography. It takes place every two years in November, and relies on the significant involvement of many cultural institutions and galleries in Paris.

Each edition of the Month of Photograhy is devoted to a particular theme and features dozens of exhibitions as well as screenings, events and public discussions.

For its 30th anniversary, in November 2010, the Month of Photography focuses on the collection at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie. Themed or monographic sets of pictures from the collection will be chosen in collaboration with the curators from participating museums, cultural centres and galleries and shown either alone or in parallel with other public or private Paris collections.

Paris collectionne (‘Paris collects’) is an opportunity to showcase parts of the rich collections of photographs held in Paris and to reflect upon how art collections are created thanks to a combination of passion, discipline, and a thirst for meaning.

Poster realised by Vik Muniz