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Prix Paris Match du reportage photographique

10 November - 5 December 2010

Maison Européenne de la Photographie

5-7 rue de Fourcy, 4e.

Tel.: +33 (0)1 44 78 75 00
M° Saint Paul or Pont Marie
Open Weds-Sun 11 am – 8 pm.
Admission: 7€ / 4€. Free on Wednesdays after 5 pm.

The Paris Match award for reportage, created in 1980 by Roger Thérond and Jean-Luc Monterosso, is awarded to a French professional photographer chosen every two years by an international jury in the presence of Olivier Royant, chief editor of Paris Match. The winner receives a trophy and 8,000 euros.
The award recognises the work of great photojournalists who work in the thick of world events and bring back images of history in the making.
The 2008 winner was Frédéric Sautereau for ‘République Centrafricaine, conflit oublié’.
The Warwick Evasion award is given for a reportage piece evoking escapism and pleasure and highlights the creative, artistic and emotional qualities of an emerging talent. In 2008, Philippe Petit was awarded the prize for ‘Tuvalu et ses réfugiés climatiques’ (climate refugees in Tuvalu).