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DADA magazine

To coincide with the Mois de la Photo, DADA is devoting its November issue to photography. Produced in partnership with the MEP and illustrated with images from its collection, this issue represents major trends in contemporary photography.

Gone are the days when photography was scorned as “The refuge of all failed painters”! Today considered as the 8th art, its practitioners are ever more creative, whether they are producing documentary work, landscapes, portraits or staged photographs, or taking part in the digital revolution.

Thanks to DADA, since 1991, young people can at last take art seriously while having fun! Every month there is a feature on an artist or artistic movement, as well as fun pages with workshops, cartoons and games. It’s a must for young people discovering the art world.

Suitable for children 8-10 years old (and much older!) 52 pages, 7.50 €.